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Mac Advice
Ground Floor Ross House
247 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Fax: 03 9654 3629

Phone 03 9654 5800


Mac Advice can configure and maintain your computer system.

We can set up your Mac so that it does what you want - startup, printing, networking, internet, database and backup.

We are experienced in configuring iPhones - especially if you have internet or email questions.

If you are experiencing problems (e.g. starting up, running a program, printing, or getting an external hard disk to work), call us. If we can't help you over the phone, we provide a friendly and, compared to most dealers, a reasonably priced service. We can usually sort out your problems within 24 hours, or, at worst, in a few days.

Our rate for support and troubleshooting starts from $115 per hour (inc gst).